• ModWood Decking Calculator

    This application will assist you in calculating the amount of materials required to install your ModWood decking.
    Please note this is a guide - please ensure you check quantity's and satisfy yourself that it meets your requirements.

    Decking Calculator


    Marina Projects refer to Further Information before calculating.

  • KlevaKlip

    Concealed system web site and Installation Q&A

  • Maximum overhang for ModWood decking boards

    The maximum allowable overhang for ModWood decking boards in a decking application are as follows -
    88 x 23mm     45 mm
    137 x 23mm   70 mm
    137 x 32mm   70 mm

    Flame Shield   Nil

  • ModWood Fixing Tip

    As ModWood expands in heat and sun, to avoid building stress into your deck and having possible lengthways shrinkage, it is best to fix your decking boards when the ambient temperature is less than 25 degrees celsius and when the boards are not sitting in full sun. ModWoods co-efficient of thermal linear expansion equates to approximately 3mm expansion and contraction in a 40 degree temperature variation for a 5 metre length. ModWoods coefficient of thermal linear expansion is 15 x 10-6mm/mm per degrees celsius.