ModWood Marina

ModWood® Marina is a bigger, stronger board and has been designed for marinas, boardwalks, outdoor furniture and heavy duty decking areas. The 137 x 32mm board is particularly suited for ecological sensitive areas, as there are no nasty chemicals that could leach out. It is highly resistant to the ravages of salt air and the harsh Australian elements and stands up to heavy foot traffic. Manufactured to a R11 anti-slip rating.

ModWood Marina boards are manufactured to R11, AS 4586:2013

ModWood is Global GreenTag™ certified; further technical information is availabe here; information.

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ModWood Marina Specification Table

Dimensions   137 x 32mm
Standard length   4.2m
Joist centres   600mm *
Ground clearance
Clearance over concrete
Weight   35.5kg/m2
Weight per lineal metre   5kg/lm
Fixing   nail/screw
Secret fixing   possible
Finish   smooth/brushed

Maximum Overhang or Cantilever                                                         70mm

* Depending on the concentrated load (kN) this may be reduced.
   Contact ModWood directly for a deflection calculation.

ModWood Marina

Our Marina board is currently ModWood's "toughest" product. This board is specially formulated for higher strength and superior moisture-resistant properties. Spanning up to 600mm joist centres, the Marina board allows you to "do the job once".....


To Calculate Materials required for installation of Marina Boards (137 x 32mm):

Take the information for 137mm decking from the Calculator
          *  BOARDS REQUIRED = Lineal Metres / 4.2m.

          * Results from the Calculator are for a 450mm span
          * Marina can span 600mm Technical Data.

IF the project is suitable for 600mm spans you can reduce calculation results by 25% for the following:
          * Fasteners
          * Clips
          * Adhesive

Note: All calculations are a guide only.


Information for using ModWood and the KlevaKlip System can be found at the KlevaKlip website.

Colours and finishes

Colours shown here are approximate representations only. Colours may vary from batch to batch, however different batches of the same colour will weather to within a commercially acceptable tolerance.


Black Bean


Silver Gum