modwood decking

Important- the brushed surface does not easily show scuffs and scratches. This side must be installed facing up if the area is 100% or has partially shade/cover. The smooth face can be installed where the deck is fully exposed to the weather.

  • The initially darker side (smooth),  due to excess lubricants on the surface of the product; will show scuffs and scratches more easily when new.  By lightly rubbing on a decking oil with a clean rag the marks will be less noticeable e.g. Sceney's Natural decking oil. Exposure to the weather will see the board revert to its natural colour; thus hiding scuff and scratch marks.
  • The "brushed" lighter side provides a more textured "timber-like" look and does not easily show scuffs and scratches. This face must be installed when the deck is either partially shaded or under 100% shade.  The brushed finish can be wire-brushed or lightly sanded with coarse sandpaper to remove scratches. The area you brush will quickly fade out and hide your repair.

ModWood is a finished product-take care! To learn more about what can be done to repair please read Treating Scuffs and Scratches.

Tip – it is strongly recommended that all furniture on a ModWood deck has protective feet e.g. rubber stoppers applied to the legs to help prevent scuffing or scratching of the deck surface.