modwood brushed5

Below are the pros and cons of using the different faces.

Brushed (lighter coloured face).
  • This is in reference to the Natural Grain Collection decking boards only


  • Must be used for decks fully or partially under roof/cover **
  • A more durable finish; suitable under roof/cover & fully exposed areas.
  • A more uniform appeal when under cover
  • Does not show scratches as easily
  • A more “timber-like” surface feel
  • Better non-slip feel in wet areas (e.g. around pools)
  • Heavy scratches may be sanded or wire-brushed out
  • Less colour shift/fade over time - apart from embossing lines fading
  • Surface temperature of brushed feels cooler than the smooth
  • Can more easily take oil based paint or decking stain


  • Susceptible to “fatty” stains due to the exposed wood fibre
  • Will pick up dirt/stains/mould more easily due to wood fibres exposed (these can usually be cleaned)


Smooth (darker coloured face)


  • More “plastic” at the surface gives better resistance to dirt and grime (stays cleaner)
  • A more solid colour


  • For fully exposed deck areas only **
  • Less uniform appeal if installed under roof/cover
  • Smoother surface may feel a bit more plastic
  • Surface temperature will get hotter; especially when new
  • Smoother surface not quite as good for grip (88mm board)
  • Cannot simply give a wire-brushing “touch-up” for scratches
  • Will show a higher degree of fade over the first few months
  • Needs to be well weathered before paint or stain will adhere properly


** For areas partially under roof/cover, the brushed / lighter side must face up.  For fully exposed areas; either face can be used..

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