ModWood Decking and Fastener Calculator

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to fix my ModWood Deck

My Shopping List

To install my new ModWood Deck I require the following:

Please Note: All calculations are based on 450mm Joist centres.
All calculations are a guide only.

Refer to fastener type to be used as per indicated in the table
Timber (Hardwood or Softwood) Screw * Galvanised 8 gauge 20-25mm Button Head screw (head size less than 2mm)
Connector Nail Galvanised Connector Nail 32mm x 3.2
Coil Nail Duo-fast Coil Nail 2.75 x 32mm
Metal Screw (self drilling) Galvanised 10gauge 16mm Wafer Head screw (head size less than 2mm)

Note: In high corrosion areas you should use stainless steel fixings.
* Use counter-sunk head screws if button heads are not available. When using counter-sunk screws make sure the screw head is sitting below the 2mm rib on the clip.